Professional Poker Player Susie Isaacs went from the Bible Belt to the poker felt at an early age.  She got her start in poker at age four when she served as a lookout for her cousins while they played poker on a Monopoly game board (as a camouflage).  As soon as she could count, Susie’s cousins let her into the game. She got her first bankroll of $2.35 by selling her treasured comic book collection.

Poker history has already recorded more than a footnote about poker player Susie Isaacs since she is one of the most recognized people in poker.

  • Two-Time WSOP Bracelet Winner
  • World Champion, Ladies Event, 1996
  • World Champion, Ladies Event, 1997
  • First woman to win back-to-back World Series of Poker Championships in the WSOP women’s event
  • 10th Place 29th World Series of Poker World Championship
  • Listed among WSOP Women’s Top Money winners
  • Women in Poker Hall of Fame
  • Senior's Hall of Fame
"May the Flop make you happy and the river be gentle."

Susie’s involvement in the game of poker goes beyond that of a player. She is the most published female writer on the subject of poker in the world. Isaacs, commonly known as Ms. Poker, has written four poker books, a novel, and she helped her beloved pooch write her canine memoirs. Susie Isaacs is a regular contributor to several poker magazines, and writes her own blog.